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We have built a company that fosters an environment of strong teamwork and cross-functional cooperation. When you collaborate with CBD you are enlisting a talented, professional and highly skilled team to represent you. Our employees are a passionate, dedicated team trained to provide superior opportunities for our clients each day. Our collective experience, coupled with our shared values and individual skills, allow our company to deliver results.

 Our Difference 

CBD synergistically builds a team that produces an overall better result than each person working individually toward the same goal. Our model of part time employees sharing a collective responsibility allows our team to outperform a traditional full-time employee.


You can tell a lot about a company by looking at its people. At CBD, we’re very proud of our employees; not just because of the diverse backgrounds and varied experiences they have brought to our team, but because of the common passion our people share to be the best at what they do.

One of the reasons for our success in attracting and retaining quality employees over the years can be attributed to the outstanding work culture we’ve fostered.

Our environment is competitive and goal oriented, but also supportive and team focused.   Individual success never goes unnoticed, but camaraderie runs deep. We respect each other as professionals and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. We aren’t afraid of a little hard work, but we also recognize the importance of having a life outside of the office.

Our reputation is built on integrity. Our company was built on ethical principles and we are passionate about what we do. We do what it takes to earn your trust and to be a seamless part of your team.

Wearing Masks in Office

How do we get started?

We apply our experience to guide our clients through a series of questions and pre-planning steps to ensure preparedness. This helps prevent issues before they become problems. Based on our level of readiness most of our campaigns with new clients can be kicked off in a matter of days.

Our team loves what they do!

We recognize that our Company Culture influences both our employees and our client's attitudes and actions. We have created a working environment that encourages growth and personal development.


  • We value openness and integrity, as well as generosity.

  • We offer our clients a company they can believe in and develop long-term relationships with.

  • Our employees are actively encouraged to think outside the ordinary, to develop and stretch their own abilities, and to maintain the highest standards for quality in their everyday work.

  • We strive to promote the development of new ideas and new approaches and to further our employees desire to  "make things work" for our clients.



 Demand Generation 

CBD specializes in augmenting existing Demand Generation programs for our clients.  With consistent, persistent follow through we will chase down your incoming leads and turn them into Qualified leads.

CBD was founded in 2001. Our mission is to build a business that develops the best possible sales opportunities for our clients. We are confident that within a few weeks of beginning an engagement with CBD, you will see the value of our new brand of demand generation.

 Database Development 

You are only as good as your list.

Since its' inception, CBD has developed a broad and accurate database of enterprise decision-makers in a variety of vertical markets including security, information technology, marketing, human resources and finance. In order to develop opportunities for our clients most efficiently, we leverage the premier sales force automation tools available today. We make sure the information provided to you is not only correct, but is complete.

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